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Please just fuck me some more--(English anal sexstories)
"Lilly, get Amber ready. I want her dripping hot, and I want her ass loosened up and lubed. Jenny, you come get me ready."

Amber lifted the hem of her baby-doll pajamas above her hips. The newest addition to our little household wore nothing else, and the sheer material accented her tits and hardening nipples. She lounged back against the couch cushions and parted naked thighs to expose the full beauty of her sweet sex. We had shaved the lips but left a deep blond patch, nicely trimmed, just above. Her cunt pouched out, partly opened in a little pink slash. Jenny had shed her robe but still wore a bright red thong that barely hid her own jet-black patch. I peeled it down, stroking her bottom and crotch as I did so, and she stepped out of it. Lilly was already completely naked, breasts proud, nipples stiffening.

Amber is certainly no virgin up front and gives great oral sex to any and all genders, but she swore she had never taken it in the rear. I had sworn to open her ass at my leisure, after a few probes with my finger confirmed that it was certainly tight enough to be cherry, and this snowy Sunday afternoon seemed like leisure time had arrived. The fireplace warmed our playroom, outfitted with a sofa, super-sized bed, floor mat, big chairs, stools and various benches and racks, even a small stage at one end. A bit of bondage, a pinch of discipline, a dash of voyeurism, a splash of exhibitionism, room for ourselves and our friends to play together in big piles and daisy-chains—it was a fine recipe for a fine stew of find sex.

And we were about to heat some up.

Amber sighed, looking forward to Lilly's skilled and tender tongue. She had watched while I did Jenny in the rear a few nights before, fingering Jenny's clit for her while I stroked, and it obviously turned her on. We had promised her a very intense experience in her own backside when the time came—but had left out a few details involving a wicked little riding crop and a flogger that were sure to intensify the experience a bit more than she expected.

I sat next to Amber; I like to watch Lilly work.

Amber scooted her butt toward the edge, hooked one leg over the couch's arm and dangled the other over my knee, spreading herself wide open. Lilly knelt in front of her and kissed Amber's cunt full on, nuzzling and kissing and licking the tender places all around the edges. She licked around Amber's asshole, teasing it, then stabbed it with her pointed tongue. She flicked the little opening 'til Amber twitched in response, then worked north. She spread her lover's cunt open with her thumbs and flicked her tongue from Amber's pinkish asshole across the perineum and up the cunt, then dragged its full length across the girl's clit. Amber shuddered and moaned. Lilly glued her mouth to the clit, mixing the long slow licks with flicks of the tip; she sucked on it like it was a little dick. She slipped her middle finger into Amber's puss, curling it up to reach the G spot, then worked her ring finger in alongside it. Amber's face glowed red, her breath was coming in short little bursts, and sweat glistened between her breasts. Lilly pulled her fingers out, shining with Amber's juices, and worked one into Amber's asshole. She pressed her thumb into Amber's snatch and did twisty little things with her hand while her mouth worked over Amber's clit. I noticed Lilly had quietly put her free hand to work on her own cunt; she was squeezing it, massaging the entire mound with her palm and fingers, the heel of her hand pressing and moving against her clit. She has a beautiful ass, and it was waving around; I wanted to fuck her from behind while she ate Amber but held off for now.

I wanted to enjoy this to the fullest. I have no illusions that a plain-looking guy in his 50s would have three beautiful young women lounging around in lingerie and fucking his brains out if he didn't spread around a lot of money. Our affection for each other is real enough, but I'd get a quick kiss good-bye and be sleeping by myself if it ran out. That doesn't appear to be imminent, though, so for the foreseeable future I'm up to my balls in beautiful girls.

Jenny, a leggy brunette with a soft southern drawl and deep blue eyes, was the first to move in with me. A great find, she's not only a knockout and nice to be around, she showed a real knack for spotting other potential play pals and room-mates. I have to credit her with luring Lilly, our redhead, to our lair, and laying her out for both of us to enjoy. Lilly and Jenny then teamed up to bring several others home, all of them good for some high-end fucking, but none that we wanted to live with 'til they found Amber. She's a real sweetie, deceptively innocent, and hotter than three kinds of hell, as Lilly, Jenny and I had all found out.

Now, Jenny knelt beside Lilly, working me much the way Lilly was heating up Amber. She kissed, licked and sucked my balls, licked the full length of my rapidly stiffening cock, and took the head in her mouth. She could suck a football through a knothole, this little darling could, and the things she was doing to my dick were amazing. She grabbed a little of the lube we keep handy and slipped a finger in my ass, rubbing my prostate while she slow-fucked me with her mouth. Man, I could only take this for so long. I gently pushed Jenny's head away to take a breather; she caught my eye and grinned, licking her lips and promising more.

I was damn sure ready and then some. Amber was ready, too. She was on the verge of convulsions from Lilly's clever tongue, and on the verge is where I wanted to keep her. That first big orgasm was going to come with my dick parked in her ass, where I could feel it happening.

"Okay," I said. "Arms up." Amber lifted her arms and I pulled the baby doll the rest of the way off and brought her breasts into the open. Her tits are great; full, natural, creamy, with big pink nipples. Nice to have them out where we could play with them.

"Now flip around."

Amber placed her knees at the couch's edge, spread wide apart, and rested her head on the back. Lilly lubed Amber's asshole well, spreading oil all around and working it in with her finger. Jenny lubed my wet dick from the head to the base; damn was I stiff, and my angel Amber's little eye was winking at me. I positioned myself behind her; I got lots of help. Lilly spread Amber's cheeks, pulling her asshole open a bit, and Jenny guided my cock. She rubbed the tip against Amber's cunt lips, slid it up and down across her clit, and pushed the head in to Amber's pussy a couple of times for grins. Then she set it right against Amber's asshole and rubbed it around there a little bit. She put one hand on my butt and pressed me forward; Amber pressed back. Even with the prep and lubing, Amber's virgin asshole resisted the pressure.

Ready now to slide all the way up to my nuts, I poised with my swollen cock just at the entrance, bent at the waist and knees, and held there for a moment. "Okay, Sweetie, relax and open wide, 'cause here it all comes," I told Amber. Knowing it would stretch her 'til it hurt, she involuntarily tensed. Her asshole, which had been nice and open, snapped shut. Perfect; that extra resistance would make my plunge all the sweeter, and draw a real squeal from Amber. Sure enough, the harder I pushed the tighter she squeezed, even though she consciously wanted to cooperate, so at first I couldn't get it in. My dick was bending against the pressure: then the head popped her open, the shaft plunged in, and out came a real-deal squeal. A sort of high-pitched whhoooooohhhh sound. She lunged toward the back of the couch and almost pulled loose, but I grabbed her hips and held on with the head of my dick hung inside her. I pulled her butt toward me, hard, sliding her back down my cock and burying it in her ass again. Waughh. Waughh. Waughh. She made the funniest little grunts as I started plowing her in the ass for real. Amber squealed and jerked to my rhythms.

I really, really liked the way Amber's sphincter squeezed my dick—the base, the shaft, the head. Instead of burying my cock full length every time, I'd pull out as slowly as I could, Amber's ring of muscles squeezing me out. Then I'd push back in. Just the head. I did that half a dozen times. Amber moaned and twitched, but her ring slowly relaxed and I could tell she was taking pleasure from the pain.

I switched back to full-length fucking. I held her by those big pink nipples and slow-fucked her in her ass for several minutes, taking long seconds to pull out, then slowly, slowly sliding it back in. She was relaxing more now, and the moans were shorter and not as frequent, although she still involuntarily jerked when my cock took its trip back up her colon. I liked it all; the tight squeeze on my dick, the involuntary jerks and moans, the aromas that drifted up from her crack, the press of her ass against my thighs, but it was time to change the tempo.

"You need some re-training, Amber. You really need to learn to control yourself; when I come knocking at the back door, I expect it to open up just like the front," I said. I pulled most of the way out, lifted her hips a little and took a firm hold on her thighs.

Lilly went first. She

She swished the long, thin riding crop in the air several times to make a point of what was coming. Amber started crying, begging please just to fuck her in the ass, that she was sorry she had resisted, she hadn't meant to, but she knew my dick would really stretch her ass and she couldn't help it, please just fuck me some more, I'll be good. All that kind of stuff.


The next swish meant business. The crop cracked across Amber's ass, just above the tight brown hole where my dick was hung. Amber cried and jerked for real, now, as Lilly worked the crop all up and down her cheeks. I held on tight to Amber's thighs to keep my dick in its hole, and leaned back to give Lilly room to work. Hey, it's a bit dangerous; I could take a whack across my cock, but Lilly's an expert. She hits what she aims at, and she was aiming at Amber's ass. Amber's ass, of course, jerked all over hell, giving my cock a good twisting and pulling, and her asshole clenched with each blow. Gawd damn! It felt good.

Red welts lay in rows up Amber's ass, and she sobbed and cried and screamed for Lilly to stop.

I'd counted, sort of, and when I figured we'd hit 30 I finally gave Amber a break. I needed one myself, because all that action made me want to come and I wasn't ready yet.

So we all held still, Amber's crying reduced to sobbing, then sniffing. Lilly's hard breathing eased off, the pressure of the come at the base of my dick backed off, too. I looked around a bit; Lilly's face and chest and breasts were bright red, sure sign of being in heat. I beckoned her over and checked with a finger in her puss; of course, she was dripping wet, her pussy's inner lips dilated to receive pleasure.

"Did you come?" I asked.

"Not quite; probably another five or ten strokes would have put me over the top."

"Me, too," I laughed. I reached out and checked Jenny's cunt. It was dripping. One more check; I reached around Amber's hips to run a finger in her pussy. Her little peach halves of a cunt were totally soaked, juice was running down her thighs, and when I probed into her snatch come ran into my hand. All that squealing and jerking hadn't been entirely because of the cropping and fucking; she'd obviously gotten off several times.

"Amber, finish Lilly off."

We did a little re-arranging. Lilly sat with her butt at the edge of the couch and Amber kneeled on the floor to eat her, just as Lilly had done for her earlier. We moved carefully, and I kept my dick buried in that sweet spot, slowly short-stroking Amber while she licked Lilly's pussy. Lilly was so hot it didn't take long; she grabbed Amber's hair and pulled her head toward that cunt and rubbed Amber's face in it. She got off twice in less than a minute.

Jenny took Lilly's place. She was wet and hot and needed her pussy eaten, too. Lilly helped: she reached between Amber's legs and finger fucked her while Amber ate Jenny. Amber did another fine job of eating pussy, running her tongue full length up and down the wide open slit, sucking Jenny's clit, even nibbling it lightly, 'til Jenny face-fucked her and came a couple of times herself. Like I said, Lilly's good at what she does, and timed her hand job so that Amber came with Jenny. My cock felt the contractions very well, thank you.

I was the only one left who hadn't come.

I debated: finish off with a good hard fucking, or let Jenny have some fun, too.

I didn't debate very long: "Your turn, Jenny."

Jenny chose a flogger, with fully 16 long but very thin thongs. Amber snuffled again, but I saw that she gripped the back of the couch and buried her head tightly against it to hold on and take it. I grabbed her hips and held on for the ride.

Jenny started where Lilly left off, right at the top of Amber's white ass. She swung long, smooth, deliberate strokes, working her way up Amber's back. Amber's ass was still all mine; bucking and jerking and squeezing and driving me nuts. Jenny laid the strokes evenly up Amber's back, leaving horizontal welts, then started back down with diagonals. She wasn't whipping as hard as Lilly had, but pulled a kind of steady moaning from Amber, a vibration that I could feel on my cock as I worked her.

Then the fun really began. Jenny caught my eye and nodded: I understood and buried my dick to the hilt and tightened my grip. Amber hadn't caught on yet, so what happened next really raised the roof.

Jenny swung. The base of the flogger started about the middle of Amber's back, and the long, thin tendrils accelerated full speed to wrap around into Amber's tit. The tips ripped into her nipple and ripped a wild scream from Amber. She lifted her head from the couch and howled. Again. A wraparound to the nipple. Again, wraparound to the tender undersides of Amber's breast. Again, to the top. To the nipple. To the inside, the outside. Jenny was masterful, raining cruel blows into new places, re-scarring the old ones.

She switched sides and worked over the other tit. Amber screamed and screamed and screamed. She bucked, she plunged, she cried, she begged. Her ass writhed in ways I wouldn't have dreamed of; I didn't have to stroke, just hang on, for the fuck of a lifetime. I felt the come building. When it simply had to happen, I yelled at Jenny keep it up keep it up keep it up while I spouted come forever inside Amber's trembling, quivering asshole.

As I slowed, so did Jenny, until we both stopped. Amber collapsed into a sobbing, blubbering, heaving heap, a weaving of stripes from ass to her tits. I stayed in her until my dick softened and slipped out; my come drizzled out of Amber's asshole, now red and wide open. I beckoned the others; they began to pet Amber, soothing her bottom with warm soft touches from their hands, kissing her cheeks and cooing, as gentle now as they had been cruel before. Jenny paid special attention to Amber's tender breasts, brushing them lightly with her cheek, her lips, her hand, telling Amber how brave she was, how beautiful, how much she loved her. Lilly and I stroked her bottom and her back, whispering loving things, 'til Amber quietly went to sleep.

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